1 Piece/3 Ways: Wool Bomber Jacket (In the Windy City) Look 1

June 29th, 2012


    1. Traveling for the Weekend

    The wool bomber with shearling collar is kinda like the sleeker and more mature cousin of the down puffer with faux-fur around the hood that we’ve all owned at one time (especially if your from Canada – or Chicago).

    The bomber can also be seen as a slightly dressier relative of the varsity jacket. It’s similar in shape and feel, with less of a collegiate aesthetic and a more versatile neckline.

    Bonus Tip: It’s a great jacket for traveling because it’s the only one you need. It can take you from the airport to the meeting, to the hotel, to the bars, and everywhere in between.

    Bonus Tip II: A down jacket should always fit snugly through the body since it inherently ads bulk. Try on one size down just to see how it looks and feels before you purchase. The bottom of the jacket should hit a few inches below your waistline.

    Bonus Tip III: You’re going to wear it often, so invest in a neutral color. Navy or grey are typically the most versatile because they work with black or brown leathers.