Stop and Smell the Flowers Look 1

April 2nd, 2012


    1. Printed Shirting + Pocket Square

    I’m loving patterned shirting right now. I have a couple subtle pin dot shirts (which are probably easier to pull-off) and this new flower print just came in a couple weeks ago.

    Bonus Tip: Floral prints make most sense in Spring/Summer, with lighter weight fabrics. Also, you should be fairly confident and secure in your manhood if you’re going to rock flower prints…just saying.

    Bonus Tip II: Light/neutral colored suit (like this brown/ivory mini stripe fine seersucker)? Try an even lighter shirt, and dark tie.

    Bonus Tip III: I normally wouldn’t suggest wearing 2 floral patterns together, but for the sake of the post we see that it can work if they are different proportions (as with any other pattern mixing).