Compression shorts are a great way to keep you from experiencing any embarrassment during your workout. They’re stretchy-yet supportive undergarments that allow the focus on working out while staying secure and dry down there! Plus most compression wear is made of moisture-wicking material, which helps keep us cool and comfy during warm workouts when we get sweaty. 

I’ve been looking for the best brands to give me that invincible feeling, and it turns out there are actually some really incredible ones out there. There is a key part to a top-notch workout outfit that needs no introduction. You need compression shorts, and you can find them at your favorite brand if these are what work for you!

5 Best Compression Shorts for Men

The compression shorts are a great way to make sure your gym gear stays in good shape, but they’re not perfect. In order for them really work their magic and give you the most benefits possible from wearing this underwear at the gym, it’s important that you use an excellent brand like ours! I’m going over five of my favorite picks below:

All Citizens is committed to keeping you happy with their premium-level boxer briefs. When the brand was looking for an added benefit, they knew it had be durable and comfortable–just like what they offer in compression shorts now! 

All your athletic thighs will thank them as well thanks to its tough material that fits just right around those tough muscles of yours 😉 And don’t worry about being stuck on only one pair because if something goes wrong within 365 days after purchase date then send ’em back – no questions asked.”

It’s hard to find comfortable and secure shorts that don’t break the bank. The All Citizen Endurance short is perfect for someone who wants good quality without paying an arm and leg! For weightlifters, athletes, or just anyone looking for an economical pair of gym gear these are my go-to because they offer everything I need at a price point where most people can afford them too.”

Reason to Buy
  • Impressive Compression help with a great deal
  • It Supports while lifting
  • No-roll waistband stays firm
  • Perfect for running, basketball-playing, full-body workouts including box-jump
  • Reasonable Price
  • Media Pocket is great. 
Reason to Avoid
  • Lack of Standard and Athletic fit in the boxer briefs
User Opinion

These shorts are designed to be comfy and convenient. The no-ride thighs come in handy for many people who hate chafing, while the compression level is perfect if you want something that will help with comfort during long workouts or races! 

Plus there’s an extra phone pocket on either side just waiting to hold your bulky device without any issues whatsoever (and it’ll fit securely). The only downside might be the size. 

Some reviewers found their phones wouldn’t quite fit into this particular pocket easily enough due largely because they have larger screens than most smartphones today; luckily I had no such issue myself since my phone isn’t THAT big. 

CW-X is the go-to for high-level athletes. These compression shorts offer heavy levels of support without a prescription, but come at an expensive price point because they are so specialized in their design to help you recover from running marathons or training hard while also being comfortable enough not even worrying about wearing underwear underneath them!

If you have back-to-back games coming up or if your goal race is approaching fast then consider CW X as one investment that will last through all stages -from races where every second counts right down into recovery mode after any kind of sprinting session.

Compression shorts are a must for any athlete looking to minimize muscle atrophy and maximize performance. For those who compete in strict training schedules, investing in top-level compression gear might be part of your game plan if you use the CW-X brand’s Stabilyx Shorts.

When you’re looking to build muscle or lose weight, compression is an important part of any training. The price tag on the CW-X may be a bit high for me but it does help with recovery which can give athletes that edge they need when competing against themselves in workouts!

Reason to Buy
  • Use mimicking kinesiology-taping methods to increase blood flow & Improve joint support
  • Can be worn on its own
  • Mesh venting helps with breathability
Reason to Avoid
  • Pricey
Users Opinion

The CW-X Stabilyx is a great investment for athletes. It has an average of 4.5 stars and over 100 reviews on Amazon, with most people commenting that it does well at distances up to 20 miles. 

When they’re running or biking in bad conditions but struggle more than other products like shoes would if you were doing long-distance workouts such as marathons where there’s no water nearby so your pace slows down significantly due primarily to fatigue rather than anything else (elevation changes). 

Most reviewers found little fault aside from one person who pointed out how poorly construction seems behind putting together certain parts this could potentially be something affecting many users too though we won’t know until after release!

Nike is known for making athletes’ legs look sleek and fast with their Air, Nike Running shoes among other things. The new compression shorts by Nike come in at just $35! 

These lightweight minimalistic garments can be worn without anything on top so you don’t need to adjust mid-run which makes them perfect if your run is longer than usual or involves some hills (hike not jaunt).

The material around the waist and thighs make these pants snug enough that they won’t fall off when running up steep inclines but loose-fitting enough where we recommend wearing an undershirt underneath; no one wants abrasion marks from rubbing against the skin as they sweat all over!!!

The Nike Aeroswift is an investment. But if you have one or two long run days where running five to six miles will be the only thing on your mind. Then dropping some coin might just pay off for those rare occasions when they come around again! 

With a 9″ inseam these are almost more like bike shorts (without anything up top). And though there isn’t any butt padding whatsoever-it makes sense since their purpose was originally designed as compression gear rather than fashion apparel. 

You can still feel comfortable wearing them with other types of clothing because of how lightweight this particular style feels against our skin while also remaining durable enough not t highlight outlines through shirt fabric too much. 

Reason to Buy
  • A thin wristband doesn’t restrict your hips
  • crotch gusset helps to reduce rubbing significantly
  • Drawstring and constrictive leg bands provide internal support
Reason to Avoid
  • No pockets on the shots
Users Opinion

These shorts are excellent if you don’t want to wear anything else and need breathable material. Reviewers mention they use these in the summer without any underwear on top of it for maximum comfort, as well as winter with an uninsulated shirt over them so that your core stays warm all day long!


The UnderArmour HeatGear shorts were made for hot days. But we like them on squat and deadlift day too because the flat-lock stitching, wide glute panel gives a lot of support when doing big lifts!

The three pairs of knee-high socks we’ve picked out are all specialized, meaning they have an ideal design for your knees. The two that stand tallest in our opinion offer compression without being too tight or constricting. 

While allowing full range of motion with no discomfort when working out on them and these aren’t just any old workouts either. Heavy lifting will take its toll if you’re only doing low-intensity cardio like running around town!

The last recommendation falls somewhere between sport-specific and everyday wear it’s more expensive than other options but it has some special features worth considering before making purchases. 

If you are an athlete who squats, then UnderArmour’s HeatGear compression shorts have what it takes to keep your backside safe and supported. The sleek design of these performance-driven leggings is made for hot weather. 

With its special wide glute panel that helps move excess moisture away from the body while providing tons of comfort no matter how many reps or pounds we lift on our legs during training sessions (which can get heavy!).

Reason to Buy
  • A wide range of color options is available
  • Wide glute panel adds extra compression
  • Reinforced stitching
Reason to Avoid
  • Little Pricey

User Opinion


These shorts have over 1,800 reviews on Amazon and a solid 4.7 out of 5-star rating! They’re being used for all sorts of applications like hiking or running but the most consistent thing in these reviews is how well they fit. 

Second-skin quality is key here to boost performance while working out at your local gym thanks to their cushioning effect Fromaderhyme technology which helps reduce muscle fatigue during high-intensity activities. 

The North Moore Compression Shorts are perfect for any athlete looking to stay comfortable during their workout. With features like a phone and card pocket, plus an extra-wide leg grip that prevents them from moving or riding up while working out in these slim-fitting compression shorts by WOLACO – you’ll have no trouble staying focused on your task at hand!

WOLACO is the perfect choice for CrossFitters and kettlebell junkies. Just shy of $50, these shorts are still an excellent investment with many people taking offense at their price tag- but if you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket (and who doesn’t?) then WOLA CO will be right up there! 

If it sounds like this company isn’t making quite enough room on its shelves yet? Make sure to circle back around when all citizens start carrying them so we don’t miss out again…

Reason to Buy

  • The antimicrobial fabric prevents stick while running
  • Wide gripper hems offer excellent stay power
  • Good Compression around glutes

Reason to Avoid

  • Overpriced

User Opinion

The North Moore Compression Shorts have been rated at 4.3 out 5 by over 100 reviewers, and they’re perfect for HIIT or kettlebell workouts because of the wide gripper hems that grip your leg securely while doing exercises like jumps in this case!

What to Consider before buying Compression Shots

Compression shorts are often the perfect choice for any type of workout, but it can be hard to know which ones will work best with your needs.

A good pair should provide ample support and not ride up while you’re working out or chafe anywhere on your body! To find our top picks in this category we considered several different factors including:

Quality Material

For some people, exercise is all about calories. For others, it’s a matter of cardiovascular health and strengthening muscles that can carry you through your day (or night). But if we’re talking sweat-wicking material design–you’ll want shorts with fabrics like breathable mesh or engineered stretchiness because they keep us feeling cool while working hard!


You want to make sure your shorts are perfect for any occasion. That’s why we made them with hidden pockets, special waistbands that stay in place yet are comfortable, and cooling gel inserts!

Customer Reviews

Fitness gear can be difficult to find the perfect product. However, if you look closely at people’s reviews and opinions of their workout apparel then it should become much easier for finding that elusive top-notch piece! We took this into account when reviewing products.

When trying out new fitness clothing items I always read feedback from current users because their experiences provide valuable insight about how an article performs in practical terms – things like comfort levels during use or durability over time.”


Finding the perfect compression shorts can be tricky, so we tried to include them at different price points. The cost of compression running shorts ranges from $10 USD to $25. 

However, there are some which can be priced up at higher rates depending on the material and construction as well as how stretchable they are for a particular brand.

The price varies based on many factors such including the type of materials used in making it, stretchability level, etc.


The best way to find the right compression running shorts is with their length. If you buy them too short then they will just bunch up or puddle on top of your lower half, which isn’t ideal for working out in public without being embarrassed by showing off what are essentially tights – not comfortable at all! 

Make sure that any workout gear covers more than just underwear; if anything happens while exercising it can be easily cleaned rather than needing surgery like some unlucky folk.


Compression shorts can be a great way to stay cool and comfortable during hot weather, but they do have limitations. The fabric of spandex is not breathable which increases heat retention. 

This makes you feel too warm or suffocated when wearing the shorts as it traps moist air next to your skin causing chafing on delicate areas like knees and ankles from rubbing against each other while jogging.

The most effective type for keeping you cool would be nylon because it’s got more airflow than polyester meaning there’s less risk that things will get humid inside!


The anti-bacterial fabric protects your pants from smelling due to sweat. As compression shorts stick very tightly against the skin, they increase body heat and make you start sweating even more than usual because of it. This causes an unpleasant odor that usually comes with heavy exertion or perspiration. 

These types of garments when used repeatedly over time for activity sessions such as running marathons! The manufacturers add a layer on top made out of pure cotton which absorbs all sorts of bacteria so we’re not left at home reeking after only wearing them once through our workout routine today – No Bueno, right?

Final Verdict

Compression shorts are a type of gym apparel that is worn underneath your regular clothes. The compression they provide will help you strengthen the muscles in your leg and improve blood flow, which means less time for recovery between workouts!

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to buying this kind of product; there really needs to be some thought put into what exercises we’re going perform. 

So our personal preferences can match up with what gear best helps us work out without feeling too uncomfortable. While giving optimal support where needed most such as on top or around joints like knees and ankles during certain physical activities.

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