Best Hair Wax for Men: Get Spikes or Wavy Surfer Hair

If you’re a guy with bad hair days, don’t worry! There are tons of products out there that can help. Male Grooming on the rise means more options for us tap-out types too so it’s never been easier to get our groove back in less time than ever before – all while looking flawless like literally every other person around you. 

You can’t go wrong with hair wax. It is one of the best products to keep your mane looking its finest all day long and there are so many different styles that you’re bound to find something perfect for every occasion whether it’s precision styling or just letting nature take its course!

What Is Hair Wax?

Wax is a petroleum-based product, which provides a great hold on all hairstyles and works particularly well for managing thick locks. It can be applied as you would apply any other styling routine – just make sure to put wax onto dry hair! 

The texture does require more work than some alternatives like gel or hairspray but offers easier manageability in return due to its durability of style throughout the day.

Wax is a great way to keep your hair in place, but it also means that the more wax you use and for how long will require some maintenance. You’ll want to wash out with hot water after every few years just like at home!

The Best Hair Waxes for Men

We know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect hair wax. With so many brands and options available, which one should you go with? Well luckily for you we conducted research on hundreds of them! 

This guide will walk through some good ones that might suit your needs best depending on what type or style (or lack thereof) are in question: hold strength; shine level – low-medium / high(+); smell/taste rating – mild flavorless odor-free option; ease use. 

American Crew has a great new product to offer. The Beeswax ingredient in their medium hold paste is designed for natural, pliable holds that can be styled easily with your own hair textures and preferences!

Do you want an amazing style without all the fuss? Well, the American crew has got just what everyone’s looking forward to. This professional tub of medium hold paste will provide textured definition while also providing one super soft flexible feel at every turn; thanks again beeswaxes. 

Pros                                                                                 Cons

  • Professional Look                                      – Expensive
  • Low Shine
  • Create the best Volume

American Crew hair products have been gaining momentum in the professional Barber network, which is why this product has an industry seal of approval. The paste isn’t as thick and sticky compared to other waxes or gels; it spreads easily across all lengths of hair while still holding strong without looking unnatural on longer styles like dreadlocks!

Reviewers are blown away by how well American Crew works because it’s not too runny nor does it leave behind a greasy feeling after use–you can get great results even if you don’t follow directions perfectly (which most people won’t).

Fish Fingers Wax is the perfect product for anyone looking to mold and shape their hair however they please. With its medium hold wax, reviewers across the board mention that it does a good job of styling. 

Without being too heavy or sticky but maybe not fully necessary depending on your desired style in which case you may just need one more application later down the road!

Pros                                                                                Cons

  • Nice Smell                                                 – Not strong as others
  • Affordable
  • Quick Styling
  • Perfect for all types of hair

Taming frizz and creating smooth defined hair, Fish Fingers are easy to remove. Although it has an off-putting name for some people who are looking for something more conventional like gel or mousse in a can. 

You heat up with your blow dryer (which would work well if used on damp locks), this fish oil-based wax actually smells really good! It almost reminds me of sunscreen which makes sense since they contain coconut extract as one of its ingredients.

The Layrite styling product promises a high hold and a matte finish, which should make it ideal for both messy or structured hairstyles. Reviewers mention they can feel the hold while most say is grease-free. Despite its thick consistency, this water-soluble gel wash out easily with just water!

Pros                                                                                          Cons

  • Luxury Packaging                                                 – Not Suitable for Thin Hair
  • Strong Hold

Soften the clay by rubbing it between your palms to warm up. Then, apply on either dry or damp hair and shape as desired using a strong hold formula that will not work well if you want to add some softness of touch at the finish- avoid this type!

Gatsby offers some of the most durable and best-selling products on our list. From hair waxes to hairspray – they have you covered with a stronghold that can last all day long! 

The Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Hair Wax is crafted by professional stylists who know what it takes for an awesome style in 2019

The Japanese brand has just released their newest innovation: A new type of rubber material combined w/ spikes which creates an extra grip when styling your locks (and keeps them spiked). 

Gatsby claims that this MOVING RUBBER hair wax is the hardest and most impressive product in their collection, which means you won’t have to worry about your spikes falling out all day. If having long or short locks and do not want them to mess up on an adventure through town then Gatsby Moving Rubber Wax might just be perfect for style!

Pros                                                     Cons

  • Affordable                                         – Short-Medium Length Hair
  • Lasting for Full day
  • Precision styling

If you want an extra tough hold from your wax, then this will be the one for you. It’s not just because of its toughness that reviewers mention needing more than a day to remove all traces of it. 

But also due in part to how well-prepared they were when applying their product by using enough hair conditioner and leave-in treatment. Before starting work on top layers as well ensure everything is thoroughly saturated with penetrative oils beforehand. 

This leads to stronger bonds between each strand helping them maintain shape longer while still looking healthy without being weighed down or stiff. 

Our final wax on the list is a little pricey but worth mentioning. It’s not just for conditioning and styling your hair, it also helps strengthen in addition! You can apply this product to wet or dry strands so you’ll have no problem getting that perfect look with whatever method works best for you. 

Whether it blocking humidity while outside all day like me (I’m looking at YOU Florida), adding SPF protection before hitting town where there are too many Zoroark chatters around waiting their turn against another human being. It doesn’t take much either; one application should be enough as opposed to some other products which require 3-5 applications. 

Pros                       Cons

  • Natural matte Finish                                    – Expensive
  • Easy to Apply
  • Best for Natural Look

The product can be used in volume because it does not become greasy. The finish is natural and soft if you want a firm hold, but the max allows for changes to your hairstyle easily once applied with just one application of this moldable gel that sets quickly so there’s no need to worry about waiting before gluing on accessories like bobby pins or hairspray!

The Maneuver Work Wax from Redken is a versatile hair styling product that can take control of any hairstyle. Whether you are styling your quiff or adding edge to the faux hawk on top, this workable wax will stay put and provide just enough hold without being too sticky so it’s perfect for both men & women with all lengths imaginable types/styles – no matter how wild they’re going! 

How To Choose The Best Hair Wax

If you’re looking for a strong but lightweight hold, try Alterna Haircare’s Bonder Lite Wax. It has the perfect balance of hydration and proteins that will not only keep your hair in place all day long without making them feel crunchy or greasy like other products do. 

It also leaves strands manageable so they are easier to work with when styling at home! For those who have thick as well as fine locks (or just mostly thicker ones), this kit might be worth considering too. 

Because while there is no masking scent whatsoever coming from these formula’s ingredients. 

The type of men’s wax you choose all comes down to the type and style that suits your needs. However, as with any product for personal care, there are other factors such as scent which should be considered before making a purchase. Your preferred finish will also affect how well it works on your hair – do not forget these things!

The different types available include hard ( matte ), medium shine, or full luster; they can range from sleek straight styles to natural wavy looks depending on preference. With so many products now being patent pending we’re seeing an increase in innovation within this industry too; more innovative formulas mean better results when deciding between them.

Waxing is an easy, painless way to get rid of those unwanted hairs on your body. Some waxes are oilier than others so you’ll need the right consistency for either a matte finish or some added shine depending upon what look you want in achieving this method!

Our all-around wax is the perfect product for anyone who wants great hair every day. It has a light and fluffy texture, so it’s great on fine or thick hairs alike! 

With three different types of scents available to choose from, jasmine blossom (for soothing stressed-out minds), sweet orange leaf infusion(contains vitamin C which helps strengthen strands), and freesia petals scent with hints of ylang floral essence. There’ll be something that suits your taste buds no matter what kind you have.


Picking the right hair wax can be difficult, but it’s important to consider your personal preferences. For instance, there are certain types of products that work better for fine or thinning locks while others might provide a firmer hold in order to keep them away from their heads if you have long thick strands like me!

Your Need

Making sure your hair is in place all day can be difficult. Luckily, there are plenty of options for men to find the perfect wax that doesn’t stiffen or flake as gel wax does! The firm holds will give you volume while medium or light ones allow for more control and structure without being too soft on the scalp.

Shine Look

Wax can be purchased in many different styles to suit any lifestyle. If you want a natural, textured look then buy something that provides the matte finish; if not, go for high-shine products which will never appear greasy or sticky on your hair!

Re-Style Hair

The next time you find yourself running low on hair products, don’t reach for that bottle of hairspray. Instead, try out an easy fix with some wax! Wax will help keep your style fresh without having to bother getting off and on again all day long or spraying more onto wet locks before heading outside in this humidity-heavy weather we’ve been suffering through lately.”

Good Smell

It has been said that many wax brands invest time in creating unique but subtle fragrances. However, it is important to note the differences between scents and determine what you prefer! 

Reading customer reviews can help when deciding how strong or smooth an option smells as well as if they last long enough for your liking so we only included our best options here; however, this decision still lies within personal opinion since everyone’s sense of smell varies slightly. 


The most expensive styling product doesn’t always mean the best. A good brand that includes natural ingredients and is easy to use will be worth your investment, even if it costs more than others in its class.

Wrap Up

Good hair wax is essential to complete your look. Whether you’re wearing an outfit with jeans or a suit, make sure that the right product seals it off and complements what’s underneath! 

We recommend going for pomade if these two are not necessities in your everyday life. But there are plenty of other choices like gels which can be used on any type of long lock too. 

Just bear in mind their application might take longer than average because they don’t glide through strands as easily (though this may also depend upon how soft/coarse each individual person’s natural texture is).

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