For starters, lavender spike essential oil is liquid from the steam which has been distilled from the Lavendula latifulia plant. The Lavendula latifulia plant has spiked flowers and broad leaves. The said plant is also commonly referred to as Spike Lavender or Portuguese Lavender.

Major Constituents of lavender spike essential oil

The chemical composition of lavender spike essential oil is not very complicated. Monoterpenols, Terpenic Oxides and Ketones are the major constituents of lavender spike essential oil. If we’re talking percentages, spike lavender oil contains more than 40% Linalool and 14%-15% Camphor. 

How is lavender spike essential oil made?

  • You’ll need to dry the spike lavender buds and flowers in the sun. However, you must keep in mind to avoid direct sunlight. 
  • A distillation kit for a process called steam distillation is needed. The idea is that you’ll distil the lavender buds. The distillation will result in steam, which you have to capture. Once captured, you’ll have to use another process called condensation. Through this process, you’ll condense the steam into liquid. 

What are the benefits of lavender spike essential oil?

Spike lavender essential oil is good for aromatherapy. If you’re stressed or have a headache, this oil can do the trick. What’s even better is, it has powerful antiseptic and capabilities. You can also use it for wounds or damaged skin or tissues, owing to its soothing, healing properties. Spike lavender oil can even deal with respiratory and joint problems. 

How to use lavender spike essential oil?

You have several options. You can either sniff it, or add it to your bathing water. You can also apply it by using carrier oil and rubbing it on your skin. 

Strength of initial aroma

Lavender spike essential oil has a strong fragrance. However, what attracts perfume makers is the strong presence of camphor. If you’re not a perfume maker though, you wouldn’t think of perfuming your belongings with it.

Aromatic Description

Lavender spike essential oil, like other lavender oils, has a floral aroma. It smells sweet with a herbal essence. However, the aroma is much more camphorous than True lavender essential oil.

Blending and uses

This essential oil blends well with mint, coniferous and floral oils. Lavender spike oil also blends well with Rosemary essential oil and clary sage oil. 

It is the better choice for easing discomfort, pain or aches. Apart from therapeutic or healing capabilities, spike lavender oil can also be used as an insect repellent. 

In a cream or carrier oil

If skin treatment is what you want, you can apply it to your skin. It’s pretty simple. You can mix the oil with a cream or carrier oil.

For applying on your skin, you should use no more than 4-5 drops of drops for every 5ml of cream or carrier oil. Once you’re done mixing, apply the mixture all over your skin. After you’ve applied it, allow it to absorb fully or pat dry it. 

In a diffuser

Diffusers dispense micro particles of essential oils through vibrations of ultrasonic waves which are carried by a plate. So, you can simply use lavender spike essential oil in a diffuser to automatically keep your mind fresh.

In a spritzer

If you want to mix the oil with your drink, you can add twenty drops for about 120 ml of water. This will give you a mild scent. If you want a stronger scent, you can add fifteen to twenty five drops.

Can you ingest lavender spike essential oil?

Well, it’s yes and no. You can’t ingest or swallow it directly. However, you can add drops to drinks like fritzers. That should do the trick.

Cautions Safety and Side Effects of lavender spike essential oils

There are some possible side effects like skin irritation or an allergic reaction. Some people might also experience headache, nausea or vomiting. You are advised to stop using it immediately if you face such problems. Also, do not use the oil around pregnant women or if you are one. Keep it away from children.

Is lavender spike essential oil safe during pregnancy?

Keep in mind that lavender spike essential oil is to be avoided during pregnancy. The effects of the oil may be too strong and may also cause skin irritation.

Does lavender spike essential oil stain?

Since lavender spike essential oil is volatile, it does not stain. Essential oils usually evaporate without leaving any grease stains.

Is lavender spike essential oil toxic?

Absolutely, lavender spike essential oil can indeed be toxic. Although the oil isn’t considered toxic, it can be if ingested or swallowed directly. 

What to look for when choosing lavender spike essential oil

While buying lavender spike essential oil, check its cost, use, country of origin and botanical species. Also, you may check the colour of the oil. Lavender spike essential oil is darker than True lavender essential oil. So, keep these in mind.

What substitutes are there?

There are two potential substitutes. The first is True lavender essential oil and the second is Lavandin, which is a hybrid or both lavenders. However if you’re looking to come out of the lavender zone, there are many more options for essentials oils.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that although lavender spike essential oil may be a bit strong, it’s one of the best. Spike lavender may not be as popular as True lavender, but it’s growing big. The product is making its place in the market!

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