The Taper vs. Fade haircut is a common question that many men ask themselves when they are deciding what style to get for their hair. Tapers and fades come in different styles, lengths, and with or without hard lines (or “fades”). In this article we will answer some of the most common questions about Taper Vs. Fade Haircuts For Men so you can make an informed decision on what type of haircut to get!

What is a Taper Haircut?

A Taper Haircut is a haircut where the hair slowly gets shorter as it goes down the back of your head. A Taper Haircut usually has a hard line at the bottom, which separates the longer hair on top from the shorter hair on the sides and back. Tapers can be done with or without fades.

Which Pomade is Best for a Taper Hairstyle?

If you are looking for Taper Haircuts, the best pomade to use is a medium/heavy hold product. A Taper Haircut requires your hair to be styled in it’s natural direction so that there are no fly-aways or cowlicks. Lightweight products would not provide enough control and heavy products can make your hair look greasy if applied too heavily.

What is a Fade Haircut?

A Fade Haircut is similar to a Taper Haircut, but instead of having a hard line at the bottom, the fade gradually disappears into nothingness. This creates a more “natural” look and gives you more styling options than with a Taper Haircut. Fades can also be done with or without hard lines.

How Short Should My Sides and Back Be for a Fade Haircut?

How short your sides and back should be ultimately depends on the style of fade that you choose. There are many different types of fades, so it is important to consult with your barber to find out what will look best on you. Generally speaking, the shorter the hair gets, the more dramatic the fade will be.

What Type of Pomade Should I Use for a Fade Haircut?

For a Fade Haircut, you want to use a light/medium hold product that will give you enough control without making your hair greasy or heavy. A gel or wax would be ideal for this type of haircut.

What is a Taper Fade?

A Taper Fade is a Taper Haircut with a fade. The hair on the sides and back of your head is gradually tapered down to nothingness, creating a smooth and seamless transition between the longer hair on top and the shorter hair on the sides and back.

Should You Get a Taper or a Fade?

Ultimately, the decision of whether to get a Taper or Fade Haircut is up to you. They are both great styles and can be worn in many different ways. If you are undecided, consult with your barber and they will be able to give you some advice on which haircut would best suit your face shape and hair type.

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