The Best Pairs of 5-Inch Inseam Shorts for Men

Shorts are that ideal seasonal choice in your wardrobe that allows you to live your best life and catch the freshest breeze throughout the hottest period of the year. Before, most men preferred baggier shorts that hung at or below the knee. More recently, and with assistance from Milo Ventimiglia, 5-inch inseam shorts have made a comeback.

Running shorts are available in three lengths: 5, 7, and 9 inches. However, in 2021, men wearing chino or denim shorts (also known as jorts), swim trunks, and other types of common short with a thigh-baring 5-inch inseam are easy to come by.

No, it isn’t a new concept for men to wear five-inch inseam shorts. The way that the contemporary generation of shoppers has found a means to focus on the significance of short shorts is amazing, however. Although it may be difficult to wear these short pants, you will appear stylish and contemporary — what else do you expect?

Shorts with a five-inch inseam are straightforward to understand, but we’ll go over them regardless. A pair of pants or shorts has an inseam; it tells you how long the clothing will be when you put them on. It’s not long at all. Here are the best 5-inch inseam shorts for men, as chosen by our editors.

J.Crew 5″ Stretch Short

The best thing J. Crew sells is probably these 5-inch inseam shorts for men. The stretch trousers are made of cotton and elastane and have a zip fly. They provide just enough stretch while maintaining an elegant air about them. They are environmentally friendly, so they should be in your wardrobe right away.

lululemon Bowline Stretch Shorts 5″

We adore lululemon’s new menswear for Fall and Winter 2021. The collection includes all of the athleisure wear, training gear, and running shorts that active males require to stay comfortable and fashionable in any weather. Athletes and runners will appreciate the Bowline Stretch Shorts, which come in sizes of 5″ and 8,” because they have a lot of handy features that elevate them above conventional running pants. Water-repellent stretch fabric ensures ease of movement, while zippered pockets allow you to keep your phone and keys close at hand at all times.

MaaMgic Athletic Gym Shorts

These MaaMgic gym shorts are designed with millenials in mind and come in a breathable cotton and polyester combination. They come in nine color choices and will make your work *that* much more pleasurable. For storage and comfort, they have two side zip pockets and an elastic waistline. These MaaMgic gym shorts will become your new go-to working out attire because they’re ideal for running, pickup basketball, and gym days.

Bonobos Anywhere Short E-Waist

Atelier de Mode in Paris creates one-of-a-kind, high-quality items with a unique twist to menswear classics. This pair of five-inch inseam shorts is another example. These pants were garment dyed to create an aged appearance. On-seam side pockets, flat heather drawcords, vented hems, and mesh pocket bags are all included. They’re also moisture wicking, UV resistant, and quick drying.


The tiny men’s shorts were one of the most popular fashion trends of 2021, and despite the fact that it’s already summer, they’re still prevalent among runners and men in warmer parts of the country.

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