Trucker hats are a favorite of truck drivers and construction workers for good reason: they keep the sun out of your eyes, protect you from headwinds while driving, and can be worn to cover up messy hair. They’re also great fashion accessories that can be paired with just about anything – from jeans to shorts to dress shirts. Read on for some helpful tips on trucker hats!

The history of trucker hats

Trucker hats first became popular in the 50s, when truck drivers began to wear them as part of their uniform. It was only later that truckers decided it looked good enough for everyday use and other professions caught on.

The best trucker hat material

Today’s trucker hats are made from various materials – cotton twill, straw or mesh – but they all have a few things in common: they’re light-weight and breathable so you don’t get too hot underneath them while driving your rig. With a choice between low profile (flat brim) and high profile (curved brim), you can find one suitable for most face shapes. A wide range of colors means there’s something perfect whether you want something bright or muted .

Trucker hats in the 21st century

Trends change but trucker hats have been a fashion staple for years. They’re inspirational to designers, who use them as an element of their clothing lines and base new designs off trucker hat shapes. Even celebrities love trucker hats – Justin Bieber has worn his on stage while performing! Truckers also continue to wear trucker hats because they can be swapped out with your mood or outfit without changing the whole look. And it doesn’t hurt that trucking companies give truck drivers trucker hats free when they join up! Whether you want one specifically for driving, for protection from environmental elements or simply because you like wearing stylish head gear.

What are the different types of trucker hats for men?

Here are some types of trucker hats to get you started! Mesh trucker hat – the most popular style, mesh truckers provide protection against sun and wind while still allowing for airflow.

Straw trucker hat – a classic design made from natural straw or grass with a wide brim that’s great in warmer weather.

Cotton twill trucker hat– this is your standard cotton/polyester blend trucker which comes in a variety of colors and prints. Twill trucker caps have an adjustable strap at the back so they fit perfectly on any head size or shape .

Bucket trucker cap – if you want extra protection around your face, try out one with ear flaps like these styles by ’47 brand ! And don’t forget trucker hats with trucker patches !

Does trucker hat sizing matter?

When it comes to giude, size does matter – at least, when you’re talking about truckers.

Most truckers are adjustable while some have straps that allow you to tighten them around your head for a perfect fit . But don’t worry if it’s too big!

Simply pack the trucker down on top of your head or scrunch up the brim and adjust accordingly! You can also use bobby pins or clips under the trucker brim to fix any issues with slippage. If necessary, try out different adjustments until you find one that works best for you! Don’t ever settle for an ill-fitting trucker just because it was the only one available – trucker hats are easy to size up or down, and it’s better to have a trucker that fits you well than one which doesn’t.

Pros and cons of wearing a trucker hat

Tips on wearing trucker hats with hair up/down: If your hair is down, try pulling it back into a bun. This will allow the brim of your trucker to fall naturally over top your head while keeping stray hairs out of your face! For long hairstyles like braids, pull them back into two pigtails which rest neatly at either side under the trucking cap. If you like to wear your hair up, trucker hats are perfect for keeping stray hairs out of the way! Tuck them into a high bun or braid and keep everything neat and tidy.


– trucker hats are stylish, comfortable and functional – you can wear one for any season or activity

– trucker hat companies have a wide range of truckers to fit your style so there’s something perfect whether you want a classic look or a unique design .


– some people find truckers too large or cumbersome

How do I clean my trucker hat?

Some truckers can be machine washed while others should be hand-washed with cold water. It’s important that all truckers thoroughly dry before storing – if they’re stored wet, mildew may develop which could ruin your cap.

Store in an area where air circulates freely so that it dries properly without developing unwanted moisture build-up. If necessary, use distilled white vinegar mixed with water as a rinse after washing instead of regular detergent because this will help prevent stains from setting.

How to choose the right size for your head

To get a trucker hat that fits you well, measure your head circumference with tape measure or string at the widest part of your forehead. If it’s between sizes, choose the trucker which is closest to being able to size down further – they’re very adjustable and there are ways around sizing issues!

If a truckers does not fit properly even after adjusting for all possible slippage issues, many people simply pack their truckers down on top of their heads. This makes them more compact so they can be easily transported in any bag or purse without taking up too much space ! Some customers also fold over the brim of their truckers when storing them as this helps keep shape and trucker trucking patches in place.

Trucker hat sizing is easy, but finding the perfect trucker can be more challenging. If you’re not sure about which size or style would work best for your needs , there are many resources available online that may help!


Trucker hats offer a versatile and stylish design that can be worn for almost any occasion or activity. Trucker hat sizing is always important, but truckers are very easy to adjust and pack down on top of your head when necessary!

Many trucker companies also create custom trucking patches designed specifically for their customers’ favorite sports teams, events or businesses. These trucker trucking patches make great gifts as they’re both functional and cost effective!

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